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What lies ahead for the auto industry in the coming months? As usual, Ruggles is on it and you can bet he has a take.

Download the latest Ruggles Report: Click Here

Dave Ruggles is a widely known, auto industry veteran with more than three decades' worth of experience. His self-titled Ruggles Report is a highly acclaimed industry insider brief detailing the latest hot-button topics in automotive sales, finance and service.

In addition to the authoring the Ruggles Report, Dave has a world-wide presence in onsite dealership sales training. For the last sixteen years, Ruggles has spent one month each year teaching sales desk training to the world's largest privately owned Toyota dealership group in Nagano, Japan.

It's safe to say that Ruggles has been around the block a time or two and has seen most everything this industry has to offer. And if by some chance he is not an expert on a particular subject matter, he's very likely close friends with someone who is.

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